hist-brewing: Oat malts and Domesday Ale update

pwp at cs.cmu.edu pwp at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Nov 6 11:35:36 PST 1998

Badger writes:

< The other conclusion i have made is that the efiiciency of the old
< technique is for crap.  diluting your mash like that (adding ALL the
< water) cuts down the extraction.
< (this should all be credited to the people on the HBD who answer all of my
< silly questions.)
< So medieval beers were probably not as strong as we might think,
< especially when we dilute the mash like the markham and harrison say to
< do.  No sparging for these guys.

"What Badger said."

For my second batch of ale, I got an efficiency of 11 points per
lbs-gal for the first runnings (12 1/3 lbs grain for 1 1/2 gallons
wort @ 1.091 SG) and an additional 6 points for the second runnings (1
1/2 gallons @ 1.051), for a grand total of 17 pts/lbs-gal. I'm used to
getting at _least_ 25 pts/lbs-gal for a temperature controlled,
slightly lower temperature, well-sparged batch.  (I've gotten over 30
pts twice, but usually come out around 27.)  These are really
surprising numbers for a modern home-brewer...


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