hist-brewing: Oat malts and Domesday Ale update

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Fri Nov 6 11:22:24 PST 1998

> controlled mash for such an old ale?  What both Eric Rhude and I found
> was that if you _slowly_ ladle boiling (or just recently boiling) water
> over the malt, and don't put in too much water, the temperature will
> come out about right for a hot infusion.  Between the sheer mass of
> all that grain and the heat up-take of introducing water into the
> malt, it should be just fine.

I also have done this, and its correct.  I used Markham as a source,
ladled just boiled water into the grain, and hit 158 on the nose.

I have also come to the conclusion that for the second runnings, doing the
same thing will actually extract a few more bits of sugar from teh malt if
you do ti right.  if you get your first running to around 150-152ish and
then do the same thign for the second time, you will get a higher
tempeture because teh grain is starting at a higher tempeture.
shooting for around 158 for the second one.. this will
extract a few more points of extraction per pound.

The other conclusion i have made is that the efiiciency of the old
technique is for crap.  diluting your mash like that (adding ALL the
water) cuts down the extraction.

(this should all be credited to the people on the HBD who answer all of my
silly questions.)

So medieval beers were probably not as strong as we might think,
especially when we dilute the mash like the markham and harrison say to
do.  No sparging for these guys.


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