hist-brewing: Oat malts and Domesday Ale update

Badger badger at nwlink.com
Fri Nov 6 10:54:07 PST 1998

> to recreate "Domesday Ale:"

yeah, its on my list too...  

> For a variety of reasons I ended up using 50% home malted oats, 25% malted
> wheat and 25% malted barley and a little chocolate, specifically, for 3+
> gallons of first run wort (just under 3 gallons in secondary) SG 1.096, 11
> lbs. oats, 5.5 lbs. wheat, 5.5 lbs. barley, 7 oz. chocolate malt.

did you have any problems with runnoff?  thats what i hear people warning
of all the time when using too much oats..  

> The mash and runoff went well.  Mashed at 112F beta glucanase rest for for
> 60 minutes, ramped up to 154F over 20 minutes, held for 50 minutes, mashed

> sparging (a braggot from 2nd runnings would be nice), but chose not to for

the braggot i made was nice and tasty.  definatly a good way to get more
alc out of your second runnings is to add honey.  have you seen the
article i wrote about mine?

> >From my experience so far, and with commercial malted oats available, I'd
> certainly recommend others try this brew.

on it!

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