hist-brewing: Historical Texts

John Lifer, jr jliferjr at misnet.com
Thu Nov 5 20:24:20 PST 1998

I'll probably add them all to the site when done.
I don't think there is really much money out there for the texts I have been
working on.  Most of the texts that I see republished are the ones with a
good number of recipes.  If anything, I would want to try to recoup my costs
and be happy if that can be done.

Yeah, if you use gifs, you will eat up a lot of space.  That is one reason
why I didn't try to scan them in.  The quality of the text is poor and also
much is really hard to read.  Many of the pages have severe bleed thru that
prevents scanning.


Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs for Sale
See Web page for details.

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