hist-brewing: Historical Texts

John Lifer, jr jliferjr at misnet.com
Thu Nov 5 16:35:10 PST 1998

Hi Guys ( and Ladies)
Just found your list and I'm interested in the discussion of online and
republication of brewing texts.  I've one on line that I "transcribed"
into a couple of formats and offer it at the site below.  Sorry, it is
at bottom of page showing my soda kegs.  Will reorganize it and keep it
address is: http://www2.misnet.com/~jliferjr/Kegs/whatsnew.htm

I was thinking of republishing in entirety several books of this
vintage.  But as normal, I find that it will cost me much more than I
can possibly recover ( I think) to have printed and bound
and therefore I am probably going to
continue to develop these texts in a readable format and then put on a
CD-ROM in PDF format so anyone with  a computer can read and if wanted,
print them out.  Suggestions?
I'll have muchoo room on the CD so I am looking for suggestions to on
what else to put on it.
Comments, questions?
John In Mississippi

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