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Dan McFeeley mcfeeley at keynet.net
Sat Oct 24 10:36:18 PDT 1998

At 03:23 AM 10/24/98 -0400, you wrote:

>How do I join the Mld again?
>John Conner

Use mead-request at talisman.com for subscription requests, giving name and 
e-mail address in the body of the message.  Below are more complete
instructions taken from the most recent MLD.

-- Dan M.


NOTE: Digest only appears when there is enough material to send one.
Send ONLY articles for the digest to mead at talisman.com.
Use mead-request at talisman.com for [un]subscribe/admin requests.  When
    subscribing, please include name and email address in body of message.
Digest archives and FAQ are available for anonymous ftp at ftp.stanford.edu
    in pub/clubs/homebrew/mead.

Dan McFeeley
mcfeeley at keynet.net


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