hist-brewing: Looking for recipes

Arriano at aol.com Arriano at aol.com
Thu Oct 15 19:28:49 PDT 1998

There are a few types of beers I find mention of but can find little
information and no recipes. Does anyone have recipes for the following or know
where I might be able to find them?

Imiak - A malt beer from Greenland 

Chi -- A millet beer brewed by the Lepchas of India

Chiu/Kui - A wheat beer made in China.

Kaoliang - A sorghum beer once made in the Szechuan area of China.

Li - An ancient beer made in China from rice.

Makkolli/Takju/Yakju -- Homebrewed rice beer of Korea that is unlike sake. 

P'ei - An ancient non-filtered beer from China that may have been made with a
variety of grains.

Shu - A Chinese beer made from proso millet.

Tapuy - A rice beer made in the Philippines..

Hek - Egyptian beer made from red barley of the Nile around 2000 BC.

Korma - Strong Egyptian beer made from barley and flavored with ginger.

Kurunnu - A Babylonian beer made from spelt

Soubya - Egyptian rice beer

Shekar - A Hebrew beer brewed with probably barley or wheat, dates, honey and
other flavorings.

Sicera - A strongly hopped beer brewed by the Jews when captive in Babylon.

Kiesel - Russian rye and oat beer

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