hist-brewing: Stefan's Florilegium

Philippa Alderton phlip at bright.net
Thu Oct 15 18:26:42 PDT 1998

Greetings, good gentles,

I have been asked by Stefan li Rous, who collects most of the articles and
postings for Stefan's Florilegium:


to collect articles and threads of general SCA interest from the several
Lists he doesn't have time to scan. His files are at the address above. I'm
not interested in items of temporary interest, ie who won which Crown, but
rather information that would be of general interest to the entire SCA
world. All copyrights revert to or remain with the author, full credit will
be given, and anyone who wishes to have their stuff withdrawn has only to

I'm writing this note so it doesn't come as a complete shock, when you
suddenly find yourself listed on the web ;-)

He would be particularly interested in posting independent articles from
skilled craftspeople in various Arts and Sciences- for those of you who
wish to be published, this is a great way to do it.

Anything you want to send, send to me at:

Phlip at bright.net

That address will be changing shortly, but I'll let you know in plenty of
time, and will maintain a forwarding address for a couple of months from
this one.


Caer Frig
Barony of the Middle Marches
Middle Kingdom

Southeastern Ohio

Phlip at bright.net

Never a horse that cain't be rode,
And never a rider that cain't be throwed.

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