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Forgive the bandwidth, folks, but this young lady is asking an interesting
question, and I was thinking it might be nice to have some of us with
special interests responding.

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: From: Michael Reeseman <Michael.Reeseman at entex.com>
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: Subject: [Mid] Term Papers
: Date: Thursday, October 15, 1998 8:52 AM
: Greetings 'Bridgers,
: I don't think this nice young lady realizes that she is about to 
: drink from a firehose, but here goes...
: Myles
: *****************************************************************
: I am currently a student at the University of North Texas.Because 
: of my own growing interest in the subject I am writing a term 
: paper in my civilizations class regarding our society's new found 
: interest in the Middle Ages and Renaissance time periods. I would 
: greatly appreciate it if you could respond to this email sharing 
: with me your own personal reasons for you appreciation of this 
: period of history and what it is about
: it that you like. 
: It would also be much appreciated if you could pass this on to 
: other friends you have in the SCA or other organizations of that 
: nature. 
: Thank you very much for your time.
: Angela Wilson
: ambrosia at centuryinter.net 
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