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Cindy Renfrow renfrow at skylands.net
Sat Oct 3 10:23:24 PDT 1998

>> SOme one in the SCA did this one already for cook books, and its an
>> absolute marvel..  he reproduced the pages, reduced tehm, and put
>them 4
>> to a page.  small, but the information is there.  its cool. it has
>> and Sir hugh Platt, on the brewing side, but thats about it.
>> badger
>Is it all of Platt or just parts?  Is it in the Miscellany that he
>sells in paper form on his web page?  Where do I get a copy of this?

Hello!  The copy I have, entitled "A Collection of Medieval & Rennaissance
Cookbooks", AFAIK, has all of Plat & Digby.  Cariadoc's url is
http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/cariadoc/recipes_introduction.html , which
should lead you to the ordering page.  If not, his email is ddfr at best.com

BTW, my book, "A Sip Through Time", has all the brewing recipes from Digby,
as well as some from Plat & a host of other authors. The recipes have been
annotated, & there is a glossary & an appendix identifying all the herbs.


Cindy Renfrow
renfrow at skylands.net
Author & Publisher of "Take a Thousand Eggs or More, A Collection of 15th
Century Recipes" and "A Sip Through Time, A Collection of Old Brewing

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