hist-brewing: Gutenbrew Project

Jim Liddil jliddil at azcc.arizona.edu
Fri Oct 2 13:52:12 PDT 1998

I would hope we can develop a site not unlike The Brewery as a central
repository for the various documents people have. Greg Lindahl seems more
than willing to host the stuff.  So I propose that soemthing central be
established.  Greg?  

As far as an initial effort I think the thing to do is scan a work at as
high a resolution as possible for archival purposes as spencer pointed out.
And then put these images together as one file.  For online viewing convert
them to 72 dpi gifs.  Thus one can view things quickly and if need be
download the zip file for printing etc.  I personally think it would be
neat to print The London book on a rag style paper.  And finally when time
permits OCR and or retype the text for hyperlinking etc.  The folks here in
the new electronic library intiative are impressed with how much was done
in a few days.  So we have the momentum.....


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