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Fri Oct 2 10:37:17 PDT 1998

> Re: Images of the Original Pages
> I think it will be nice to have searchable text of these books, but I
> hope people will also have the TIFs of the original pages.  I'm one of
> those who doesn't like to read manuals on-line, and therefore would like
> to print out the original pages.  My original hope was that it would be
> possible to get scans of the original pages and somehow get them
> reprinted in book form, available basicly for the cost of the printing. 
> Giving some of these texts back to the brewing community.  I realize
> though that there will forever be a problem with trying to manage
> getting books reprinted without someone abusing the privilege.  Maybe if
> we had enough books together, we could do one printing that involved
> them all.

SOme one in the SCA did this one already for cook books, and its an
absolute marvel..  he reproduced the pages, reduced tehm, and put them 4
to a page.  small, but the information is there.  its cool. it has Digby,
and Sir hugh Platt, on the brewing side, but thats about it.

something like that with brewing texts would be absolutely amzingly cool
(channeling zyphod) for the hist. brewers..


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