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Thu Oct 1 10:28:53 PDT 1998

This is a gray area.  The copyright is only good for 50 years, but congress
keeps messing with it, so the attorneys say 75 years, but even this may not
be the case in the future.  

I wonder if we could find Mr. Sigerist and get his permission to use the
book?  Who is the publisher?  Heck, it's only 44 pages long.  It only takes
a phone call.


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> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Greg Lindahl [SMTP:lindahl at pbm.com]
> > I have a copy of Arnauld of Villanova's booke of wine.  Here is my
> > question:  It was last translated (by Henry G. Sigerist) in 1948.  It
> > was originally published in 1438.  Since the nontranslated version is
> > written in almost illegible medieval german script is the translation
> > still covered under copyright law?
> > I'm assuming yes but since I may be wrong I thought I'd ask.
> You're out of luck - you need a translation from before 1923 (in the
> US) or even earlier for Europe. If you go back you might be able to
> find one which is out of copyright.
> However, if we scan it, someone might be inspired to transcribe and
> translate it. Would you like to send a copy to a scanning volunteer?
> -- g

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