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Jim writes:

< http://vms.arizona.edu/~jliddil/london.zip (note: NO www)
< this is where the  files are it is a 10 meg zipped file.  all the images
< are tifs from photoshop4 with lzw compression. Some may need rescanning and
< I'll get to it when I have time.  if anyone sets up a pge etc. please give
< credit where credit is due. :-)

Heh; I spoke too soon about resolution.  These will do just fine -- I
can quite clearly read the text.

So how about if we divvy up the transcription work?  As a teaser, here
is the file "london59.TIF", which seems to be the original page 50, in

   <h4> 50 </h4>

   <h3> <em>For `Brewing Intire Guile Small Beer.</em></h3>

   There can be no way better for making good small Beer, than by
   Brewing it from Fresh Malt, because in Malt as well as in Hops, and so
   in all other Vegetables, there is a Spirituous and Earthy part, as I
   shall further enlarge on in writing of the Hop; therefore all Drink
   brewed from Goods or Grains after the first or second worts are run
   off, is not so good and wholsome, as that intirely brewed from fresh
   Malt, nor could any thing but Necessity cause me to make use of such
   liquor; yet how many thousands are there in this Nation that know
   nothing of the matter, tho' it is of no small Importance, and ought to
   be regarded by all those that value their Health and Taste.  And here
   I advertise every one who reads or hears this, and is capable of being
   his own Friend, so far to mind this <em>Item</em>, and prefer that
   small Beer which is made entirely from fresh Malt, before any other
   that is brewed after strong Beer or Ale.  Now to brew such Guile small
   Beer after the boiling water has stood in the Tub till it is clear,
   put the Malt leisurely, and mash it that it does not Ball or Clot,
   then throw over some fresh Malt on the Top,

Here I've used the "h4" tag to mark the page number, an "h3" tag to
mark the recipe header, and "em" tags to mark anything that appears as
italics.  The only other thing I've done is transcribe the "f-shaped" S's
in the text as modern S's.  I did double-check the transcription
against the text; particularly for words that are spelled differently
now, and for capitalization.

There are 147 pages; I'd be happy to hand-transcribe 15 pages or so,
say files "london15.TIF" through "london29.TIF".  Any other takers?


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