hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing-digest V1 #174

Al Korzonas korz at xnet.com
Wed Sep 30 14:29:56 PDT 1998

An OCR would have great trouble with The London and Country Brewer.
Besides being in a relatively old font and very primitive printing
(lots of bleeding), the *spellings* are all over the place.

As for editions, I think they are all *compleatly* different!  I
believe that these books were simply collections of articles written
by brewers of the day.  I believe that no two issues had common
articles.  New issues came out every few years or so.

I like the idea of having them on CD-ROM.  Actually, as a non-profit
venture, it might or might not work.  On-line is great, but how many
of you have referenced Spencer's on-line Wahl and Henius?  I took
a peek and never bothered to go back (actually, I keep forgetting that
it's there).

There are pros and cons to both on-line and CD-ROM.  I would buy a
CD-ROM if it were available.


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