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Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Wed Sep 30 12:38:45 PDT 1998

Badger et. al:
Marketing?  I somehow think that this will not be marketed at all.  If we
want to market this, just send a copy to the American Homebrewer's
Association and then attempt to keep up with the requests........

That is why I LOVE the idea of putting it all on a web site and letting it
go that way.  I do not want to corner myself into pressing CD's and sending
them out.

As for helping this along, whatever you can do would be good.  We will
mostly need proof readers who brew.  Some of the sources I have are a bit
esoteric, such as the one complaining about the evils of hops and other
adulterations.  Published in 1690, and a good source for adjuncts.


Doug Baden    My opinions are my own. 
When I see "And it is obvious that" I know that
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> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Badger [SMTP:badger at nwlink.com]
> i would like to help too, but have very little free time, or resources.  
> i definatly would like to enjoy teh result tho.. 
> as far as money goes, i don't see a problem spending money to pay for a
> cd containing all this, or something like that, but lets not go into
> marketing and selling it..
> badger's 2 cents..

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