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Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Wed Sep 30 12:09:40 PDT 1998

You make the mistake that we would be copyrighting the material.  We may
copyright it with permission to reproduce at most.  The only thing I would
have a problem with is somebody selling this collection for a profit.

You also may note that the responses to this are from people who would not
be making money at it.  We would be doing it for love of our art.  This
would be a collective effort and should remain rock bottom cheap for anybody
who wants it.

I applaud Spencer's offer to help things along, but I will point out that we
have a long way to go before we cross reference this.  We will have to think
about how to display the originals.  That is important.

Spencer, let's not use anything proprietary to a company.  I have software
to do the cross referencing that I wrote (I work at OCLC), and the tif2gif
program would be useful.  Nobody should get into problems over this.

We have web sites to host this on, so let's start getting those articles
together.  Greg has lots of disk space, so first let's just get it on there
as plain text.  We can add the gif's if available, but I would suggest for
us to get the text on.  If need be I can take in the stuff and put it up on
my web site.

We are the experts in this field, understanding the language, so let's get


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