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Mon Sep 28 19:29:07 PDT 1998

>From: Jim Liddil <jliddil at azcc.arizona.edu>
>Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 09:12:11 +0000
>Subject: hist-brewing: The London and country brewer
>I am in the process of getting the following:
> The London and country brewer ... to which is added, a philosophical
>account of brewing strong October beer ...
> Publisher  London, Printed for Messieurs Fox, 1736.
> Call #       TP569 .L6 1736
> Edition     The second edition, corrected ...
>After I get the photocopy I will OCR it and put it on the web.  At this
>point I am not going to be answering requests for copies etc.  Also this
>has been a major pain.  The Special collections folks are very relucatnat
>to photocopy anything this old and I did some major haggling to get it.  I
>am alsow working with a new project here to convert microfilm direct to
>digital.  And I hav elocated a number of old brewing text  in this format.
>I will try to also locate the first edition of the above text on microfilm.
> I have server space to put this stuff up *if* everything goes according to
>plan.  Don't hold your breath since I am in a University and things happen
>at their own speed partciularly when dealing with preservationist AR
>Jim Liddil 

Hi Jim,

The New York Public Library has a copy of this in it's collection.
I have photocopied some 19th Century British and German breming texts from
the Boston Public Library.

I am considering starting a project Gutenbrew (the brewing analog to project
Gutenberg which makes books with public copyright, i.e. authors dead 75+
years available on the web). Many of these books would need to be images
however since the fonts would not easily run through OCR, nor would images.
Using compressed single strip TIF these images could be reasonable in size,
but still larger than any server space i presently have available.

If anyone knows someone who could host this please contact me.



Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt's

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