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Mon Sep 28 12:03:46 PDT 1998

Al writes:

< Finally, I'm willing to bet that all beers made more than 200 years
< ago had a significant amount of bacterial and Brettanomyces sourness.

Well, I doubt I got any Brett. by accident, having used a bunch of
Iodophor, and not having made any pseudo-lambic in my house or with
this equipment.  But on day 4 (yesterday) it had noticeably soured --
I suspect Lactobacillus from the taste -- it was at about a "Rodenbach
Red" level of sourness.  It was also *just* starting to clear

But yes, I think you are almost certainly right that any really old
beer or ale would be an awfully lot like a (true) Lambic.

On the other, other hand, 4 *days* would be "old" for this stuff, so
I'm not that worried about the one- or two-year-long aging that
genuine Lambic gets.

< I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm picking on you, Paul... I don't mean
< to... I guess I'm still just a little miffed at the alleged "ancient
< beer" made by Scottish and Newcastle in which they researched the grains
< and spices and then simply pitched some standard S&N production yeast.

Not at all.  These are the sorts of comments I'm looking for to help
sharpen this all up.


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