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I really enjoyed the 13th century ale paper, it is a nice peice of work..

> >     * 1/4 oz., Light Oak chips

this addtition also stuck in my mind, as it would seem to be added for
"barrel" flavor..  my research (soemwhat limited) seems to point towards
none, or limited oak flavor from barrels, as they would have been Pitch
lined, or using a certain type of european ock which does not add much
Oak flavor at all.  american oak appears to be the worst at adding Oak

> Finally, I'm willing to bet that all beers made more than 200 years
> ago had a significant amount of bacterial and Brettanomyces sourness.
> For authenticity, I'd pitch the dregs from a bottle of unfiltered
> Lambic (like Cantillon, Boon Marriage Parfait or Lindeman's Cuvee
> Rene) for the Brettanomyces and lactobacillus that was most certainly
> a part of any beer made more than 200 years ago.  Pitch it early in
> the ferment for more character, late for less.  You can expect to
> have a rather long, lingering fermentation when you add Brettanomyces
> because it is pretty slow and because it will eat many carbohydrates
> that Saccharomyces simply won't eat.  If yoy plan to bottle, a year
> is not too long to wait for the Brett and lactos to finish their work.
Hmm... what points you to that conclusion?  I would love to quantify the
yeast problem better myself.  i have no real references to state what kind
of yeast or yeast would have been used.  I have been seeing more and more
references to teh brett as a likely addition to the yeast bill. :) but not
sure where it comes from.  none of my sources say much about yeast at all,
at least not enough to figure what kinds were used.

thanks in advance for any inforamtion you can slide our way..


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