hist-brewing: Gervase Markham Strong Ale

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Thu Sep 17 09:36:26 PDT 1998

The Oak branches have some sort of chemical reaction while adding
tannin, thus lightening the color.  I wonder why he does this myself,
but we will just be forced to await Eric's next report on the taste.  I
am also going to try this.

I have heard of doing this before, but usually adding oak chips to give
it that "oak cask" flavor.  Most housewives would not have had an oak
cask perhaps?  They are expensive when compared to birch or some other

DOH!  I now know why he does this.  English ok was not used in barrel
making when this was written.  The oak used was imported from
France/Spain/etc. and was of markedly inferior curing qualities.  I
remember this from some of the laments of the brewers that they could
not get English oak barrels and why.  I ran across this in English law
trying to figure out some weirdness or other as to why the brewed that

Again, Eric, good work!


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