hist-brewing: to Malt or Not To Malt..

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Fri Sep 4 06:48:28 PDT 1998

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 ulfin at mail.portup.com wrote:

> How about amber malt?

I think, depending upon the manufacturer, amber malt is just a more 
darkly-kilned pale malt, which would be just fine.  But there might also 
be a Belgian "amber", which would be, of course, Belgian in 
characteristics.  Belgian can be very good, though...

> Is Crisp available in the U.S. anymore?  L.D. Carlson used to be
> their distributor, but they dropped Crisp a year ago.  (They did

Bugger.  It's been a while since I ordered--I order by the full grain bag.

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