hist-brewing: to Malt or Not To Malt..

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Fri Sep 4 06:45:54 PDT 1998

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 Owenbrau1 at aol.com wrote:

> when the Dock St. Brewing Co. started making their "Thomas Jefferson Ale", the
> brewer (Nick Funnel) used a combination of ~1% Black malt, 10% Caramel malt,
> and the balance Pale malt, to account for the uneven kilning/burnt portion,

Given that caramel malt was invented in the mid-1800s, I would not have 
made that particular choice.  Brown malt would have been less 
historically inaccurate.

> kilned, and visual haze and flavor associated with bacterial and/or wild yeast
> (brettanomyces) infection.

Mmmmmm....  Brett....

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