hist-brewing: to Malt or Not To Malt..

ulfin at mail.portup.com ulfin at mail.portup.com
Thu Sep 3 20:32:06 PDT 1998

>On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 bjm10 at cornell.edu wrote:
>> I have been assured through private mail that one person did this--he
>> used an iodine kit to test, and he said it took something like 8 hours to
>> complete the mashing.
>woof!  8 hours?  wow, i think i would prefer to use malted wheat.

Since you mention malted wheat...
I was looking at the lab specs from Briess Malting and noticed
that their Wheat Malt has a higher diastatic strength than their
Pale Malt.  That runs contrary to the common assumption that
Wheat Malt is low in enzymes.


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