hist-brewing: to Malt or Not To Malt..

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Thu Sep 3 19:59:24 PDT 1998

malting oats is tough; also, it would not change the mash times experienced,
as oats simply don't have the diastatic enzymes neccesary to convert large
quantities of grain, malted or not. malting only converts non-soluble starch
into soluble form. using rolled oats, or cooking cut oats, would give similer
results, starch wise.

when the Dock St. Brewing Co. started making their "Thomas Jefferson Ale", the
brewer (Nick Funnel) used a combination of ~1% Black malt, 10% Caramel malt,
and the balance Pale malt, to account for the uneven kilning/burnt portion,
etc, of the period malts.

"smokiness", as mentioned frequently in period sources, seems to me to be two
separate things; actual smoke flavors derived from the way the malt was
kilned, and visual haze and flavor associated with bacterial and/or wild yeast
(brettanomyces) infection.

Owen ap Robert

mka Owen Hutchins
Head Brewer
The General Lafayette Inn & Brewery

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