hist-brewing: to Malt or Not To Malt..

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 3 16:40:16 PDT 1998

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Badger wrote:

> hmm..  i am not prepared to malt my own with wood fired stuff.  Would you
> expect that a wood fired kiln would impart a smoky flavor to teh malt, or
> would you be inclined to believe that the flavor might not be that

Again from "Description of England" (I think), it was made plain that 
skilled maltsters had no smokiness and tried for a "high white" malt 
color, but "high white" could be darker than modern pale, for all we 
know.  It also mentioned that some people preferred a smoky taste and the 
smoke gave headaches to those un-used to it.  Therefore, I would infer 
that smokiness was a matter of care, skill, and taste.

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