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On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 bjm10 at cornell.edu wrote:

> Most sources really don't specify.  I believe it is "Description of 
> England" (but I'm going from memory) wherein the author says that he uses 
> wheat meal as a cost-saving measure.  From this, one might infer that 
> wheat could be malted, but penny-pinchers might very well use un-malted, 
> coarsely-ground wheat.

hmm.. that book should be arriving on my doorstep any day now, (gotta love
amazon.com) and i will peruse thru it..

> > and can anyone give me pointers for using the right type of malted grain
> > to simulate a period or close to period malt?

i am getting the impression from my research that a mixutre of different
kilnings temps might be fairly accurate..  simulate the uneveness of the
kilning.  someone else tackled the problem that way in a paper i read, i
forget where..  what is brown malt?  haven't heard of it..

> A mixture of pale ale and brown malt might do this, but it's again hard to
> say.  There are complete descriptions of malting from at least as far back

hmm..  i am not prepared to malt my own with wood fired stuff.  Would you
expect that a wood fired kiln would impart a smoky flavor to teh malt, or
would you be inclined to believe that the flavor might not be that


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