hist-brewing: Mead Yeasts

Timothy Green TimGreen at ix.netcom.com
Thu Aug 20 13:57:59 PDT 1998

I have not tried the Wyeast Dry Mead strain although I understand it to be a
Pasteur Champagne type. Now the other, Sweet Mead, I am far to familiar
with. I have used it 5 times and I will NOT use it again. The first time it
made alright mead but took forever to ferment. The second, third and fourth
time I have used it I was the proud reciepent of totally stuck
fermentations. I had to pitch 3 packs of rehydrated Pasteur Champagne and 2
Tblsps of energizer to get them going again. It took 10 months to age out
the nutrient chemical flavors. The last time I suppose was not the fault of
the yeast, the temperature in my fermenting area (read basement) was up to
about 80° and the yeast went nuts. I ended up wih a mead with a final
gravity of 0.991! Some sweet mead. On top of that, when I added more honey
to sweeten it up, the yeast immediately started munching on that! The 3# per
gallon traditional sweet mead became a 5# per gallon semi-sweet mead with
such a high alcohol content (14% ABV) that I serve it in cordial glasses. An
ounce or less is enough.

Tim Green

Mead is great...
Beer is good...
(But beer is much faster)

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