hist-brewing: RE:stabilizing mead

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
Thu Aug 20 08:55:04 PDT 1998

And then we come to the modern (?) convenience of sterile filtering your
mead. So far I have only filtered a couple fruit beers (strawberry
pilsner, raspberry wheat, etc.) when presentation was a high priority
and I was kegging. The equipment cost me around US$45 or so and the pads
cost app. US$9 each batch you want to filter. This seems excessive for
most applications. The cost doesn't concern me, I mean, anything for
better results, but the extra oxidation, loss of beverage and so forth.
The brew must be pushed through the pads, which are pre-soaked in a
sterilizing solution and then rinsed, with either an air pump or some
other such devise. I used CO2 and the cornelius kegs. Just hook the
filter up between kegs and let it run...slowly. You waste the first part
as it pushes the water and such with it and you waste a little bit at
the end that gets stuck in the filter. I can sacrifice that with beer,
but not with mead!


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