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Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Thu Aug 20 08:27:16 PDT 1998

Hi happy Meaders:
I have had much mead done every way one can imagine stabilized with just
about anything one can imagine.

I find I do not like Sorbatate.  It gives a flavor that I have come to
hate.  I don't know why I dislike the flavor, but I have two cans of it
on my shelf and I no longer use it at all in liqueurs or mead's.  I have
a mead maker that uses it extensively with excellent, delicate results,
but I just hate that flavor.

Sulfites are not ancient at all.  I believe they were created in the
1800's, but that is from a fuzzy memory.  Too many people are allergic
to sulfites, and they give me a roaring headache, so I do not use them.
I likewise have a jar of them moldering on the shelf.  If you clean
things and sterilize well, you should not need sulfites anyway.

The idea of heating the stuff sounds like pasteurization.  I had a
thought about this and came up with a variation on a water heater I am
making for camping.  Take a 50' coil of food grade copper tubing and
create two connected coils and sterilize the inner tubing.  Take the
first coil and immerse it in a boiling water vat.  Take the other and
immerse it in a salted ice bath with a little water to help conduction.
Run the mead through.  You can test the hot temp. at the crossover
point, and test the cold temp at the output.  Adjust the flow
accordingly, slower for a higher hot temp.

I find that the fermentation that happens every spring is needed to
"finish" off the mead, but it also increases aging time to 2 years, so I
am interested in attempting this process.

I also want to try the Lalvin yeast.  Sounds interesting.

Doug Baden/Arundel

Doug Baden    My opinions are my own. 
When I see "And it is obvious that" I know that
I have many hours of work to see the obvious...

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