FW: hist-brewing: stabilizing mead

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
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Oh yeah, another simple method is to add enough alcohol (hope you like
strong drink) to guarantee  the content is beyond the yeasts tolerance.
I collected a few dozen recipes lately and that method came up in a
couple. If I recall rightly they were two-gallon recipes and, after the
secondary, they put in "1 small bottle (or 2 cups) 40% vodka." I can
find it again if you are interested, but it's not something I would
consider. Unless, of course, I placed an herbal additive in the vodka
and left it in a clear bottle, oh, in the drain/gutter over my front
door or, say, the dashboard of my car (In Florida, this one works
great!) for a few weeks first. Then when added to the mead I would have
a very strong mead with more than one intoxicating effect. :-)


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Daryl Olson wrote:
	> Also, anybody have any other advice for making sure my mead
	> open
	> itself before I'm ready to?
	> Dar

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