hist-brewing: Mead

Owenbrau1 at aol.com Owenbrau1 at aol.com
Fri Jul 24 07:52:53 PDT 1998

when adding the honey to the kettle, the water must be hot to make it easier
to dissolve, but you then turn the heat off, so as not to burn it. if you have
an electric stove, take the pot off of the burner too (the element stays hot
for a long time).
 when siphoning, i found it best to fill the siphon hose with santizing
solution (like 1-step, etc), and use a hose clamp to close the end, leaving it
full. then you place the tube into the fermenter, and open the clamp, allowing
the sanitiser to run out into a cup, and it pulls the mead thru. use a non-
rinsing sanitiser for this method. i don't recommend using your mouth.
Owen ap Robert

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