hist-brewing: Mead

Henry James Jones henry at gladstone.uoregon.edu
Thu Jul 23 13:19:43 PDT 1998

I have just recently become interested in brewing and for my first batch
I thought it would be fun to start with one of the oldest alcohol
beverages, mead. I was wondering is there another way to separate the mead
form the must after the first fermentation besides siphoning. In the Brew
Hut on-line catalog I saw a five gallon plastic bucket with a spout on the
side an inch or two from the bottom. I think the catalog description said
it was for bottling but I'm not sure. Could this bucket be used instead of
a five or six gallon carboy. I am a little nervous about the siphoning
part of brewing. I read you should not use your mouth because
the bacteria from your mouth can infect the batch. Later that same day I
read it's okay to use your mouth. I also read that when you are adding
honey to the water make sure the heat is not on  the honey could
fall to the bottom of the pot and burn. But one recipe said make sure the
water has come to a rolling boil before you add the honey. If anyone on
the list can shed some light on these issues I would appreciate it.


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