hist-brewing: Traquair Beer?

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Mon Jun 29 07:08:18 PDT 1998

I see no reason why this brew can't be made--it's very straightforward.  
A few hints, though:

It doesn't tell you how much water you will initially need.  With that 
much grain, you will either need a truly wondermus mash tun or have to do 
multiple mashings, combining the first runnings.

Don't throw out all that potential extract!  Sparge and collect the sparge
separately.  When you are done boiling the strong wort in the hops, save
the hops and boil them in the weaker sparge--ferment separately with a
fraction of the yeast you'd pitch into the strong ale.  You now have a
twopenny!  (And a very nice twopenny it will likely be, too.)  This is 
how I make my twopenny ale.

The "toasted" (or whatever) malt can likely be substituted with a
high-quality Munich or Vienna malt. 

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