hist-brewing: Mead question

Chad Osborne COsborne at pacbell.net
Mon Jun 1 12:30:34 PDT 1998

Thank you for the correction.  I've seen a lot of conflicting information out there,
and you (and others on this list) have been very helpful in digging out the facts.


bjm10 at cornell.edu wrote:

>  The "yeast hulls" are just
> dead yeast.  They remove nothing.  Instead, they give the live yeast more
> nutrients to allow them to process the fatty acids one gets during
> oxidative metabolism.  It's like Soylent Green for yeast.  The standard
> lab yeast medium in molecular biology, YPD, consists of dead yeast,
> peptone, and dextrose, for example.  Seriously fast growth.
> What the energizer does is
> give the yeast some important trace minerals that lets the yeast gobble
> up the fatty acids.  If your yeast are zipping along like anything,
> happily alive, don't worry.  They're doing their work.  A long aging
> under cool conditions also works wonders.  I had a cider that was
> undrinkable about a month after I bottled it.  Eight months later, it was
> a lovely dry beverage.

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