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Mon Jun 1 07:20:38 PDT 1998

On Sun, 31 May 1998, Chad Osborne wrote:

> am told) to kick start it.  My local brewing shop had no yeast hulls (which
> are recommended by Papazian to remove "toxins" that inhibit yeast activity,

Papazian--grrrrrrrrrrrr.  Charlie may be great at publicizing homebrewing,
but his methods and science are questionable.  The "yeast hulls" are just
dead yeast.  They remove nothing.  Instead, they give the live yeast more
nutrients to allow them to process the fatty acids one gets during
oxidative metabolism.  It's like Soylent Green for yeast.  The standard
lab yeast medium in molecular biology, YPD, consists of dead yeast,
peptone, and dextrose, for example.  Seriously fast growth. 

> but said the energizer removes fatty acids which may be the "toxins" in

Your homebrew store owner is full of snot.  What the energizer does is 
give the yeast some important trace minerals that lets the yeast gobble 
up the fatty acids.  If your yeast are zipping along like anything, 
happily alive, don't worry.  They're doing their work.  A long aging 
under cool conditions also works wonders.  I had a cider that was 
undrinkable about a month after I bottled it.  Eight months later, it was 
a lovely dry beverage.

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