hist-brewing: Mead question

allotta allotta at earthlink.net
Sun May 31 16:56:02 PDT 1998

Chad, you don't need to add additional yeast before bottling.  If the
mead is sweet now, it will be sweet after aging.  If you want a
sparkling mead as opposed to a still, additional yeast and a yeast
nutrient is a good idea after any lenghtly carboy aging (over 2 months).

The best way to get a sparkling mead is to add additional sugar as you
would for beer. If the mead is still sweet, it will not produce enough
CO2 on it's own (up to gravity 1.015).

Good Luck.  Suggest you read 'Making Mead' or any book on Method


Chad Osborne wrote:

> I intend to age this mead in the bottle, but want to ensure that it is
> not
> going
> to be too sweet first.  As an update, I should mention that I have
> used a
> yeast energizer and a second batch of liquid ale yeast (a stronger
> variety,
> I
> am told) to kick start it.  My local brewing shop had no yeast hulls
> (which
> are recommended by Papazian to remove "toxins" that inhibit yeast
> activity,
> but said the energizer removes fatty acids which may be the "toxins"
> in
> question.  In any case, my fermentation lock is bubbling along
> merrily, and
> my yeast is pleasantly cloudy with suspended yeast.
> Thanks,
> Chad Osborne

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