hist-brewing: Cider/Wine question

Marc Shapiro mshapiro at mail.inetone.net
Fri May 22 18:07:02 PDT 1998

On 22 May 98 at 14:39, Crystal A. Isaac wrote:

> I didn't know sake was a beer, I had been under the impression it
> was a unique beverage. Can you point me to a good reference to read?


As a fermented beverage made from grain which is not distilled, sake 
is technically a beer.  Its production methods traditionally differ 
from what most people think of as beer, but they don't have to.  It 
is possible to use amylase to mash the rice, followed by sparging and 
fermentation as you would for any beer.  As I said, this is NOT the 
traditional method, but it does work.  When I enter my sake into 
competitions, it is as a beer.



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