hist-brewing: Mead question

Chad Osborne COsborne at pacbell.net
Sun May 17 11:31:25 PDT 1998

Was this after it had pretty much cleared and the yeast appeared to have settled
that it continued?  I am seeing no bubbles whatsoever, but assumed that stuck
fermentation happened before the yeast settled.  I doubt temperature is an issue
for me, as I live in the San Diego area, and keep the mead in the house (in a
dark closet.)  Six months of sitting is not a problem, but I don't want to let it
sit if there's no active yeast in it at all.

Wylie A. & Gail D. Smith wrote:

> My mead also was slow. I got a heat belt to help it along. Let it sit. Mine
> finished at 1.000, after almost-sticking, no bubbles at 1.040 for a month it
> slowly bubbled for two months. (Six months in the secondary)

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