hist-brewing: Mead question

Chad Osborne COsborne at pacbell.net
Sun May 17 09:10:44 PDT 1998

This is a follow up to my earlier question about my mead clearing

It seems to have a relatively high S.G., but since I am not experienced
with this type of brewing, I am not sure if this is okay or not.  The
recipe used 12 lbs. buckwheat honey, 3 tsp yeast nutrient, a bunch of
adjunct for flavor, 1 tsp Irish moss, and a vial of liquid English ale
yeast.  It foamed up well within a day, fermented for about a week, and
then cleared.  I racked it at 10 days, and let it sit for another
month.  I racked it again yesterday, and the yeast appeared to be
completely settled.  It tastes great, but the O.G. was 1.080, and the
current S.G. is 1.050, which only comes out to about 4% alcohol by
volume.  Is this "normal?"  I'm surprised to find out that it pooped out
so quickly, as I was hoping for around 6-8%.  Any advice on what I
should do next?  (Drink it, let it sit, or add something?)

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