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>Then per later practices, I plan on sparging the rest of
the grain by
>pouring two one gallon batches of boiled water over the
>(waste-not, want-not).  This should bring total volume of
water to be
>boiled in boiling vessel to approx. 5 gallons (my brew-pot
only holds
>5.5!).  This will be boiled/simmered for about 75-90
minutes (to get hot
>break), with the addition of the 1.5 lb. honey for
taste/higher sugar
I am a little concerned that I have seen in this and in past
posts references to using boiled water for sparging.  The
gelatinisation of the starches in malt take place at temps
above 80°C (176°F).  By sparging at higher temps one runs
the risk of releasing starches into the wort after
saccharification, leading to various problems later in the
brewing process. The enzymes necessary for saccharifiction
are also deaktivated above 80°C. If the first and later
runnings in the kettle are held at saccharification temps
until the end of sparging, then most likely the enzymes
present will take care of these later released starches. To
be safe make a iodine test before bringing the entire wort
to a boil.

Scot Zeigler
Ziegler Bräu
Waldsassen, Germany

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