hist-brewing: historical mashing/new "old ale"

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Fri May 15 07:42:34 PDT 1998

Cindy is right about the lead referring to the cauldron, much as copper
was a term likewise used.  I happen to have a copper 50 gallon cauldron
just awaiting installation into the brewing house this summer.   Also, a
lead heating vessel would be just too soft to be of use.

However, lead was used in later (1700's and beyond) brewing, especially
in larger brewing houses.  Wood is hard to clean and lead sheeting
worked well, but it was only used over the wood as a support.  

As long as the water was hard there was no problem.  One incident in
England had an entire town poisoned when "soft" water was used in making
beer and it picked up the lead.  Put the brewery out of business

Doug Baden

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