hist-brewing: historical mashing/new "old ale"

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Thu May 14 18:57:20 PDT 1998

On 05/14/98 21:18:33 you wrote:
>>Let us not forget that the mashing vessels of earlier brewers were either
>>wood (18th century) or lead(!) (I HOPE that I'm mis-reading Markham in
>>this case).
>Yes.  The word 'lead' referred to a large cauldron, not the metal.

Actually, the lead was *sometimes* made of lead. More usual usage of lead 
was as a lining of cooling vessels and troughs for moving wort.

Some historians conjecture that Markham suffered from lead poisoning as a 
result of some of his brewing experiments. There a few examples of lead 
poisoning caused by a change in water pH (effected by water treatments).


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