hist-brewing: Heather Meath

Wylie A. & Gail D. Smith wyliesmith at isomedia.com
Wed May 13 20:57:30 PDT 1998

Oh, my god, this is the best wine, beer, or anything I have ever made! And
it is my first batch of Meath.

                           SUDS Recipe Report
05/12/1998 21:33:51     Celtic Mead

   Category         :  Mead
   Method           :  Extract
   Starting Gravity :  1.080
   Ending Gravity   :  1.000
   Alcohol content  :  7.9%
   Recipe Makes     :  7.0 gallons
   Total Honey      : 16.00 lbs..
   Color (srm)      :  2.3

16.00 lb. Honey    (Wildflower)

32.00 oz. Heather Flowers
1.50 oz. Rose Hips Tea

(Add yeast nutrient and energizer, and put a heat belt on if it doesn't
bubble for you.)

Heat water to 160 (F) and put in spices in fine mesh bag. Let it pasteurize,
and cool (about 5 hrs for me) without benefit of a wort chiller.  At 80 (F)
pitch yeast , and ferment in primary until it reaches 1.020. rack rack rack
(once a month) until it clears (about 5 months for me)

It will eventually get to 1.000. Stabilize with potassium sorbate. Bottle
this in 12 oz. bottles for two reasons: 12 oz. is enough to share with
another, and it is the size that is needed for competitions.  Lightly
carbonated after 8 weeks in the bottle, it is absolute heaven!

-Owen Brewer in the SCA
-Al Smith

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