SV: hist-brewing: Clarity questions

Chad Osborne COsborne at
Fri May 8 14:56:57 PDT 1998

5# dark extract
1# crystal malt
.25# black patent
.25# roasted barley
1.75 oz cascade hops (boiling)
.25 oz cascade hops (finishing)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup molasses
2 tsp. gypsum
1# corn sugar
6 oz unsweetened bakers chocolate
liquid British ale yeast

O.G.: 1.040 (should have probably been higher, but I didn't sparge the
grains properly)

I'm told that the original recipe was found in Papazian's "The New Complete
Joy of Homebrewing"

Brokk wrote:

>         Could you post the ale recipe ?
>         I'd like to have a look at it, maybe even try it, as soon as i
> get some fermenting space available =)

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