hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing-digest V1 #124

Gaylin Walli g.walli at infoengine.com
Fri May 8 07:07:10 PDT 1998

bjm10 at cornell.edu wrote:
>Let us quote Paracelsus, alchemist and the "father of toxicology":
>"The dose makes the poison."

With all due respect, let us quote Paracelsus fully:

"What is there that is not poison? All things are poison and nothing
[is] without poison. Soley the dose determines that a thing is not a
poison." [As translated in Cassarett and Doull's Toxicology: The Basic
Science of Poisons]

Jasmine de Cordoba
g.walli at infoengine.com
(Hi, Ulfin.)

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