hist-brewing: Clarity questions

daleron at pacbell.net daleron at pacbell.net
Thu May 7 17:29:59 PDT 1998

Chad Osborne wrote:
> ....First, I am making a batch of ale using a lot of adjuncts (molasses,
> baker's chocolate, and a few other odds and ends.)  I don't have the
> recipe handy, but can get it if it will help.  Anyway, the problem is
> that it doesn't seem to want to clear up like normal ale.  It's not
> "cloudy," (which to me implies an uneven kind of haze) but simply opaque
> (much like VERY dark chocolate milk, with yeast settled on the bottom.)
> Since I am extremely meticulous with sanitation, I am assuming this must
> have something to do with the ingredients.  Does anyone have any insight
> or experience with this?

	Even in the darkest beers, a light directed through the carboy or
 (like from a flashlight) will show if the opacity is from a haze or
just color.
  The dilution trick sounds good too.  If it is hazy, it may be from the
fats in 
the baker's chocolate....

>........Second, I am making batch of mead (well, technically metheglyn) which
> has the opposite problem.  In the past I have been able to judge
> readiness by clarity, but this stuff cleared up almost right away after
> initial fermentation (about a week.)  I used ale yeast (first time) and
> was wondering if there is a problem, or if I am just going to have to
> judge by time or final gravity when I think it is done.
	It has been my experience that meads made with an ale yeast ferment
 like beers (imagine that!) and will clear faster as the fermentation
occurs over
 a shorter period of time.  I hope this helps!


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