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Thu May 7 10:08:02 PDT 1998

A few of us here in Pittsburgh also had occasion to make an (unhopped)
ale.  The original reason was to poach fish in, but it also made a
pleasant drink.

We used:

  10 lbs., English Mild malt
  1 lb., oats (rolled)
  1 lb., wheat (rolled)
  London liquid ale yeast
  1/2 oz., Light Oak chips
  Enough water (at least 7 gallons)

We mashed at 152 for 1 1/2 hours, and then sparged with boiling
water.  (This is a cheat -- we really should have used more grain, and
collected multiple separate runnings.  I've found, however, that
sparging with boiling water tends to leach out about as much tannin in
the husks as are extracted in the "second mash" of a traditional
multi-mash method.)

Then we boiled, cooled and pitched the yeast.  It fermented out in
about 3 weeks.  We used half of it very young (to cook fish in), and
bottled the rest still.

This turned out surprisingly nice.  The only problem, of course, is
that it won't keep very well.  Even if one is used to making beer with
a gruit, I'd suggest trying a batch without just to see what the base
ale flavor is.

More info in: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~pwp/tofi/bmdl_brewers/ale_for_fish.html

		--Paul Placeway
		(a.k.a. Tofi, Debatable Lands, AEthelmearc)

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