hist-brewing: Clarity questions

Chad Osborne COsborne at pacbell.net
Thu May 7 09:47:44 PDT 1998

Hello all,

	I am a relatively new brewer, who started brewing out of purely
historical interest.  I started with a few simple modern recipes for ale
and mead, just so I could make sure I knew what I was doing.  Now,
however, I have run into two "problems" that I cannot seem to gather any
information on.
	First, I am making a batch of ale using a lot of adjuncts (molasses,
baker's chocolate, and a few other odds and ends.)  I don't have the
recipe handy, but can get it if it will help.  Anyway, the problem is
that it doesn't seem to want to clear up like normal ale.  It's not
"cloudy," (which to me implies an uneven kind of haze) but simply opaque
(much like VERY dark chocolate milk, with yeast settled on the bottom.) 
Since I am extremely meticulous with sanitation, I am assuming this must
have something to do with the ingredients.  Does anyone have any insight
or experience with this?
	Second, I am making batch of mead (well, technically metheglyn) which
has the opposite problem.  In the past I have been able to judge
readiness by clarity, but this stuff cleared up almost right away after
initial fermentation (about a week.)  I used ale yeast (first time) and
was wondering if there is a problem, or if I am just going to have to
judge by time or final gravity when I think it is done.
	Sorry for the long-windedness, but any assistance would be greatly

Chad Osborne

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