hist-brewing: Ale as in NO HOPS

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Owen ,

Last time I used these spices in a low hopped beer.
The first 6-8 weeks, the tea flavor of the St. Johns Wart was prevaIent.
Then the flavor of the Orris Root became evident.  It was very different,
and also very good.  The success I had is the reason for this experiment.

The "basis" of this recipe is historical, but I still haven't got rid of the
non-period roasted barley.

I started with Wm. Harrison's Beere (1557) and dropped the hops, modified
the grain bill, added the St. John's Wart. So not much is left of the
original recipe.

I play in the Barony of Madrone, An Tir.
Owen Brewer
Kent , WA

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>Another Owen?!? that brews?!?
>let me know how it works- i'm iinterested in trying some.
>Owen ap Robert

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